Essential Power Tools everyone Needs

There are some Essential Power Tools that everyone Needs them in their home, garden or in Office.

From the moment you move out from your parent’s house owning some form of tools becomes essential, and while the hammer and screwdriver basics might get you through college they’re time consuming and not exactly efficient.

Power tools don’t rely on your manual labor to make them work and most have electric motors to act as a power source making any job quicker and more efficient. Some power tools use compressed air or a fuel source like gasoline but these are less common in household use. Power tools are great for garden, housework, and even cleaning because they can be used for so many different applications like drilling, fastening, cutting, grinding, polishing, shaping, sanding, and routing.

Power tools come in two types – stationary or portable. Portable tools are usually handheld and can even be battery operated which makes them much easier to take with, the trade-off is you’ll likely have less power than a stationary tool or one that requires being plugged in.

Miter Saw

A miter saw is probably an essential power tool you can have. If you’re only getting one this is it. For a starter size a 10” saw is enough for most DIY projects, especially because if you can slide whatever you’re cutting you can stretch that up to about 14”. Miter saws are useful for framing doorways, installing crown moulding, and installing baseboard. You can do a lot of work simple with a miter saw and a basic hammer and nails.

It works by allowing you to make cuts on an angle quickly. Miter saws come in three varieties – compound miter saw, dual compound miter saw and sliding compound miter saw. A compound miter saw has a blade that pivots in one direction left and right while dual compounds will tilt in two directions for more flexibility, sliding miter saws also have a radial arm so you can slide the saw back and forth to make a longer cut.



A multi-tool is designed to do everything – sanding, shaping, cutting, literally everything. You can have hundreds of different attachments to one simple tool. Multi-tools come in two varieties – oscillating and rotary.

A rotary tool has a high spinning driver that is more precise than an oscillating version. It is usually used for polishing, cutting, carving, and routing. An oscillating tool uses a rapid back and forth motion so it’s better for larger tasks and can also be used for scraping, sanding and grinding. Both tools work well for cutting. You can find multi-tools in both corded and cordless varieties through the cordless tools are slightly less powerful. Check out our article about best rotary tool reviews.


Rotary Sander

If you’re torn between needing an oscillating multi tool and a rotary sander decide how much work you need to do with it. A rotary sander will cover a larger area and is more powerful than most multi tools. This will allow you more power and usually a variable speed.

These sanders work on the same principle of an oscillating tool where the head moves back and forth at high speed to create a smooth finish much the same as you would through hand sanding, only much quicker. A 5” tool is more than enough for most home use and will work for sanding wood and metal projects. The nicer ones also have dust bags so help make clean-up easier.


Paint Sprayer

If you’ve ever painted a room then you know just how tedious and spotty it can be. Brushers are great for small and precise jobs but when it comes to large areas where you want a nice even coat it’s almost guaranteed you’ll have splotches and areas where the coat is uneven. A paint sprayer can take the guesswork out of whether or not you went over that area by laying down a single even coat when depressing the trigger.

Paint sprayers have a huge variety since they can come with different nozzles and power sources. The most precise are pneumatic and you can get small airbrushes for detailing which are essentially miniature paint sprayers. For most projects, you’ll want a sprayer that has a decent reservoir or one that can be changed easily. These are for applying lacquers, stains, paint, and any liquid you want to coat a surface evenly.


Air Compressor/Nail Gun

While it’s entirely possible to use a simple hammer a nail gun makes the job faster and much more efficient, you’ll also have more precision power and be less likely to waste nails not getting them in the correct place or bending them by hitting wrong. You’re paying to cut your time drastically and for better precision.

Depending on your product you might also get a staple gun for free, not necessarily something you need but it tends to get thrown in which is useful for upholstery or packaging. A nail gun is great for attaching molding or baseboard quickly and even larger woodworking projects.



A drill/driver is on our list of essential power tools. You’re getting the added fastening power of an impact driver with the speed and drilling ability of a drill. These usually have a keyless chuck so you can use both drill bits and screw bits and are not limited to impact bits like an impact driver’s collet would be.

If you don’t already have a cordless drill then this is ideal. The tool also comes with an internal slip clutch that can provide more torque than a cordless drill for more power on the job. Unless you’re planning on driving large fasteners a drill/driver is more than sufficient for most home needs. Look for a drill driver that has a brushless motor as it will last longer and not get as hot.


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