Best Rotary Hammer Drill 2017 – Buying Guide

Whether you are doing a D.I.Y project on your own, or your putting together a full deck from Home Depot, purchasing power tools can be a hassle. “Should I buy the most expensive one” or “should I get the one everyone else is getting” are common question we ask ourselves before a big purchase. Is it speed that you rely on? Maybe it is power Or maybe you just want something to get the job done. So how do we determine which Rotary Hammer Drill in the market is right for you.  Let’s check out the reviews of Best Rotary Hammer Drills that are out right now and see which one fits your needs.


What to Look for When Buying a Rotary Hammer Drill

Hammer Drills, just like all other power tools, comes in many different varieties and brands. Choosing the right one for your project depends on what you need and your price range. When purchasing a drill, think about the environment you are going to be doing your project in. Are you outside not around electricity? Then you would either need a battery pack or a cordless drill versus an at-home project you can rely on a corded one which can run you a couple bucks cheaper. Another factor to include is the speed as well as whether you want a SDS versus an SDS Max/Plus.

The speed of your drill can be adjusted to fit your hole needs. If you want a larger hole you would have the speed on slow and if you would like small holes, high speed is the way to go. Now SDS (Slotted Drive System) are at the end of bits and they match to the inside of the chuck. It secures the bit so that it will not move or slip. They can be harder to find and cost a bit more expensive than regular drill bits. SDS Max or Plus are similar in every way but that have a huge shank. You normally use it for larger applications. They are expensive as well but worth the price in the long run.

These are just some of the basics, not add on, one must keep in mind when purchasing a drill. If you have these things mapped out you can move on to the next part, the shopping.

Top 5 Rotary Hammer Drills 2017


1.      Bosch 11255VSR BULLDOG 1in SDS Plus D Handle


The Bosch 11255VR is an efficient and versatile piece of equipment. This unique and powerful tool allows you to get the job done fast and with little to no effort. The drill measures 11.4lbs with dimensions of 17.2 x 7.2 x 3 inches. It is a corded-electric drill that does not come with a battery nor does it need one. It also has vario-lock positioning that can rotate and lock the chisel into 36 different positions. That allows you to optimize and choose a specific angle base on your preference. The Bosch Bulldog runs on a 7.5 Amp motor that has three operating modes: hammer only, the rotation only, and the rotary hammer. This drill can be use in heavy duty work so don’t be afraid to show what it is made of.


2.      Goplus 1-1/2” Drill Electric Rotary Hammer, Plus Demolition Bits


The Goplus 1-1/2” Drill is new and of high quality. It comes with a storage case, dirt proof boot, and demolition bits. You can adjust the speed on this power drill for any kind of hole you choose. A negative to keep in mind is that you cannot use this drill just as a rotary drill. It can only be used as hammer and rotary hammer. Despite only having two modes, what makes this drill a stand-alone contender is the fact that it is electric. Which means you can take it out to pasture and go to town without having to plug it up to use it. The rotary speed is 900 RPM and it has a 1100 Watt capacity. This drill is suitable for light work, home and business applications preferably.



3.      Makita HR4002 1-9/16-Inch SDS-MAX

makita-hr4002-inch-sds-maxThe Makita HR4002 is a POWERHOUSE when it comes to rotary drills. It is 14.6lbs and its dimensions are 4.5 x 18 x 10.1 inches. It has a 10 Amp motor that delivers 2,500 BPMs. It does not contain a battery, so it is corded, but it does contain 12-bit angle settings that can be set to different positions. Another con is that it, as well, only has two modes of operation: hammering and hammering with rotation. Despite the lack of rotary as an operation it has a Torque limiting clutch. This clutch makes sure to automatically disengage gears if it sees that the bit is bind. The speed, however, cannot be changed on this hammer drill. But with that lack of speed options, it does offer the “no hammering while idling” option so it can increase the life of the drill. What the Makita HR4002 lacks in basics, it makes up with added features and amazing concepts that makes this tool one to not miss out on.


4.      Hiltex 10513 1-1/2 in. SDS

hiltex-10513Another POWERHOUSE is the Hiltex 10513. This high-performance drill weighs 16.6lbs and has the dimensions 17.3 x 13.2 x 5.1 inches. It offers 10 Amp of power and can work beautifully to get the job done fast and easy. This is a corded drill so it does not come with a battery but it does contain SDS drills and chisels. It also has a 360-degree swivel aux handle that give you comfort and control. Another great feature is that it has 6 different speed controls and has all three operation modes: hammer only, rotation only, and hammering and rotation. This drill, like the Bosch, is for heavy duty work. With all the feature that it has, this is a must have if you are into D.I.Y projects or construction. It is a one drill fits all.


5.      Dewalt D25263K D-Handle SDS with Shocks, 1-1/8″


dewalt-d25263k-d-handle-sds-with-shocksLast, but certainly not least, is the Dewalt D25263K. This drill would be the mother of all drills. It is 6.8lbs and has dimensions of 19.2 x 12.8 x 5.3 inches. It is a corded drill with an 8.5 Amp motor which has superior performance. It also has a high torque reactions if the bit jams which is a great bonus. It has the three operation modes and the option to change the speeds. The best feature that this drill has that the other one on this list does not possess is the SHOCKs. The active vibration control helps to reduce the amount of vibrations felt at the handles. The Dewalt D25263K can hold its own against most competition and can be used by the average person. Go ahead, give it a try.



Many people are doing things on their own. From mounting a television to the wall to installing a swing set, everyone is a carpenter now. Even the stay at home moms have tool boxes in the garage. So it seems only fit that they have a drill as well. From the light performances of the Goplus to the more advance and heavy duties of the Bosch both are great power tools and deserve a spot on the Top Rotary Hammer Drills today. Now the next time you are setting something up or preparing to, go ahead and try out one of these drills. I am sure one of them will fit you and your project perfectly.