Best Electric Impact Wrench Reviews 2017 – Buying Guide

Impact wrenches are extremely useful tools both at home and on the job, the difference for most buyers is just how much power they need. However, with so many models on the market, it is quite difficult to pick the best electric impact wrench.

An electric impact wrench doesn’t rely on batteries. So you don’t have to worry about, it suddenly losing power in the middle of a job. You’ve also got the added bonus of not having a noisy compressor, though you’re going to be limited by how far the cord can stretch. An electric impact wrench is a useful tool for anyone who wants to make dealing with tough bolts faster. But what makes one of these devices the best?

When looking for the best electric impact wrench, torque is the first factor to be taken into consideration. Impact wrenches are made up of a motor that drives a hammering mechanism to strike an anvil inside, this creates torque and speed. With a manual wrench, you’re creating these yourself and this can be tiring and time-consuming.

Most impact wrenches offer around of torque, but do you really need it?

To loosen most car bolts you’ll need around of torque, but you’ll need more for larger bolts and projects like deck building. So what are your options?

Best Electric Impact Wrench Reviews 2017

HAMMERHEAD 1/2-inch Impact Wrench


A 7.5amp motor that works at a max of 2,700 BPM is actually not even as strong as some of the cordless wrenches, however, it can still deliver up to of torque.

This is in part due to an internal metal gearbox. A standard 1/2” drive and a rocker switch make for easy operation.

The non-slip grip is comfortable and weighing in at 7lb it is a solid tool. The price is a major bonus for this since it’s still under $100 but it is the most expensive of the mid-performers.


A very noisy tool, in fact it’s comparable to a loud compressor. The pistol shape is very top heavy which can be tiring when trying to keep it in position.

It does start to burn up on heavy duty loads so it’s not suggested for commercial work.

Kawasaki 841426 1/2-Inch Impact 7.5-Amp Wrench

With a similar motor to that of the Hammerhead the Kawasaki puts out of torque and also has a metal gearbox. In fact the two are extremely similar. This also comes with a storage box and a 4 piece socket set though.

You’re paying for the brand here and the bright green color, but it’s still cheaper than the Hammerhead for a comparable tool.

Like the Hammerhead this is a beast of a tool, it’s heavy and hard to maneuver but you can use extensions.

There’s no variable speed either. Some users have complained that the noise is so loud you need protective ear-wear or risk hearing issues afte

DEWALT DW292 7.5-Amp 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench with Detent Pin Anvil

One of the most popular names in the business Dewalt is known for it’s good quality tools. The device has a special detent-pin anvil and ball bearing construction to make it durable. There’s a standard 1/2” pin that delivers of torque in both directions. A similar 2700 RPM motor to most other electric wrenches it feels more powerful than it really is. The grip handle is a pistol shaped design that weighs in at the average 7lb mark.
It’s pricey, and the power is debatable since many people feel Dewalt overinflates their claim of It’s a weighty tool and the cord is somewhat annoying but at half the price of Dewalt’s cordless version it’s still worth looking into for a trusted brand.

Capri Tools 32200 8.5 Amp 260 ft. lb Powerful Impact Wrench with 1/2″ Drive

A stronger Hog Ring anvil design that helps keep your sockets in place puts this ahead of the Dewalt before you even start to consider the price. With max torque it’s not that powerful but it does weigh significantly less at 6lb making it much easier to handle.

The wrench is pretty true to claim and will easily torque 100-150lb lug nuts without any issues. The design also has a dual-bearing armature system to help minimize vibrations and makes the pistol grip design easier to use. At 8.5 amps it’s also more powerful than any of the other wrenches here and one of the cheapest! Also, comes with a handy storage case and standard 1/2” drive.

All in one, this is hand down the best electric impact wrench we’ve tried so far.

The cord is only six feet long so you have to have an extension cord on it and with a long cord you risk burning out the motor. The hog ring system is hit or miss and it doesn’t guarantee your sockets won’t fall off. There’s also no sockets that come with it. However, these are pretty minor when compared to the fact that it’s the lightest and most powerful.

GM Performance Parts, 1/2 Inch Drive, Electric Impact Wrench (GM2813)

Looking at the specifications of the GM you could write the same about the Kawasaki or the Hammerhead – 2700 RPM motor, torque, 1/2” drive, 7.5amps, a detent pin anvil, and that’s about it. Nothing really sets the GM apart as far as specifications.
At almost the same price as the Capri the GM provides significantly less power. The unit does heat up quick and there’s a lot of noise about how they have a short life and break quickly. There’s also a good chance this doesn’t even come close to the power it says on the box but it will still work for most lug nuts.


The Capri is simply head and heels the best electric impact wrench. A lighter and more powerful tool that doesn’t even cost half as much as the big name brands this is an all round winner. You’ll get a bargain cost item and the most powerful available all in one. There’s simply no other real choice. Between the GM, the Kawasaki, and the Hammerhead they’re all so similar that there’s no good reason you’re spending up to $20 more and if you’re desperate for the Dewalt name opt for the cordless instead since it’s more powerful.

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