Best Cordless Impact Wrench 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

We care about you and your work that’s why today we present to you the Ultimate Guide for Selecting Best best cordless impact wrench.

Construction has plenty of pitfalls but none are close to as frustrating as rusted or jammed bolts. And you find it quite difficult to work on them with your old classic equipment such as ring wrench or a torque wrench. These rusted bolts won’t move a bit no matter how much you oil them or how much hard you try to turn them, its literary frustration to work on such machines with these tools. You might even be risking injury.

So what’s the solution to above problem? The solution is a cordless Impact Wrench.

best cordless impact wrench

An impact wrench is a convenient tool for both hobbyists and professionals that can make working more efficient and quicker. While the most powerful wrenches are still corded on the other hand cordless wrench gives you the ability to move or go anywhere you need it, such as places where is no power source available like a boat or you van.

Talking about the modern day cordless Impact wrenches they are nothing like impact wrenches available a few years ago, I mean they have evolved a lot. Today we have wrenches such as Milwaukee 2763-22 M18 which can generate a massive 700 ft.lbs of torque or the Goodyear24V featuring electronic brakes for safety or the ultra- light and portable Bosch 24618-01 which weighs a mere 2.7 lbs. Even most of these wrenches come with built in LED to help you work in areas of low visibility and a drive system to control the torque and its direction.

The best available cordless impact wrenches in 2017

1. TruePower 300 Cordless Impact Wrench Kit

Going by its name this machine generates a whopping 300 ft.lbs of torque which is more than capable to take care of all your household works. The gun shaped impact wrench fits quite well in your hand and provides a better balance while working. It is powered by an 1800 mAH 19.2v Nickel-Zinc rechargeable battery which is more eco-friendly than lithium or cadmium batteries. The battery gives sufficient time to carry out your work before getting discharged. Moreover, it recharges fully in one hour.

TruePower 300 Cordless Impact Wrench Kit


Weighs a mere 3.8 lbs and is one of the lightest wrenches around, a lighter wrench gives you high portability

Generates a moderate 300 ft.lbs torque, being such lightweight

Nickel-Zinc battery which is more environmentally friendly than lithium

It also includes four sockets so you won’t have to purchase extras


The batteries have a short life and most users complain that this is only good for a couple of jobs before needing a recharge so it’s more for basic home use than heavy work

The texturing on the grip isn’t great and it quickly becomes slippery without much knurl


DEWALT DCF880HM2 Impact Wrench Kit

Going down the list, we have the DCF880HM2 from DEWALT, a company known for its quality products for decades. It is not as robust as our top pick but generates a decent 150 ft.lbs of torque which is capable of taking care of all your general works. This impact wrench comes in the company’s recognizable yellow, black color combination and fits quite well in your hand. It is powered by a 4000 mAH 20v XR Li-ion rechargeable battery which is kind of unique. The battery gives 33 % more life when compared to standard batteries.

  • It features the 20v, XR Li-Ion battery which is biggest on the list and thus gives better run-time
  • You get an additional battery, charger and a carry case
  • It is extremely lightweight at only 3.4lb and ultra-compact to fit into tight spaces
  • User friendly LED lightning
  • It’s quite expensive and overpriced as it comes from a much renowned brand known for quality
  • Generates a smaller 150 ft,lbs of torque, while others with similar price tag generate much more.
  • This is not suitable for larger vehicles or anything that really requires more than 100lb of torque as it truly struggles.

Craftsman Cordless Impact Wrench Driver Kit

At number three we have Craftsman C3 which has been there in the market for quite some time now. It features a 19.2v 4000 mAH Li-ion battery which powers the engine to generate a decent 200 ft.lbs of torque which is sufficient for all your day to day works. The battery takes 1.5 hours to charge completely.  This impact wrench comes in the handle design and fits quite well in your hand providing firm and steady grip.

  • With 200 ft.lbs of torque its quite better in comparison with Dewalt
  • The pistol design is decent and lets you handle it easily
  • Evenly priced around $160 its quite cheaper and powerful than Dewalt
  • It features a big battery which is capable of providing good run time
  • It is quite heavier and bigger in size which makes it bit tough to use in the small areas for automotive work
  • Does not provide as good gripping as expected and slicks before you even hold it
  • You don’t get a case to carry the tool and battery charger with it

Milwaukee 2763-22 M18 1/2″ Inch Impact Wrench

If you are a professional and need something which can last for years and keep delivering performance like a brand new impact wrench, looks for non-other than the M18 FUEL 1/2″ Impact Wrench. This machine generates a whopping 700 ft.lbs of torque for fastening and 1,100 ft-lbs for nut busting which is more than capable to take care of all your professional works. It is powered by a POWERSTAT Brushless motor which is far stronger than its rivals but still runs cool. It has a drive control feature that lets you choose between two speeds. It’s powered by a 4000 mAH rechargeable battery which has a warranty of 3 years. The battery gives twice the time as compared to others.

  • It generates an enormous 700 ft.lbs of torque and is the most powerful machine on the list
  • The friction ring enables to quickly change the bolts and fasteners
  • It offers multiple batteries and chargers along with the carry case
  • It also has a torque governance features that lets you change the direction of torque
  • It’s quite expensive as you pay for the extra batteries and case together
  • A single battery gives less runtime so the 2nd one compensates
  • It is easily one of the heaviest wrenches around thus portability goes out of the window

Tradespro 837886 Cordless Impact Wrench Kit

Next, we have in line the Tradespro 837886 wrench which yet another nice impact wrench for general household work. It is not as robust as our top pick and generates a mere 100 ft.lbs of torque which can take care of all your general works. This impact wrench comes in the company’s recognizable yellow, black color combination and has excellent grip. It is powered by a 14.4v Li-ion rechargeable battery recharges a bit slowly as compared to standard batteries.

  • The price is the real selling point with this drill as it’s the cheapest on the list
  • Being low on the power its much fast thanks to the 3,000 impacts per minutes
  • It features 3/8” drive which is different from others as most of them have 1/2″ drive
  • Generates a mere 100 ft.lbs of torque which is quite low
  • Has a smaller 14.4v battery so does not provide longer runtime
  • The real setback is the charging time which is roughly 3 hour

Ingersoll Rand W7150-K2

This is the answer to all your professional needs and is something which can last for years while delivering a performance as a new impact wrench. The Ingersoll is one of the top line impact wrenches which generates a whopping 700 ft.lbs of torque for fastening or nut busting which is more than capable to take care of all your professional works. It’s powered by a 20v Li-ion  (3000-5000 mAH) rechargeable battery which delivers better runtime thanks to intelligent battery management system. The battery gives twice the time as compared to others and charges quickly.

  • With around 780 ft.lbs it is most powerful wrench on our list
  • Has a specially designed grip to make holding the beast a little easier with a soft covering to minimize fatigue from the vibrations
  • Quality material in construction ensures the durability of this item
  • Best power to weight ratio in this class
  • Comes with built in led, two batteries and steel lined case
  • It is the most expensive cordless impact wrench on this list because of quality accessories you get with it
  • It makes sound as it houses a powerful motor to produce high amount of torque
  • It weighs around 6.8 lbs which makes it less portable
  • One major problem is poor customer service thrown in for when you do have a problem

Goodyear 24V Cordless Impact Wrench (33609PB)

Moving down to the bottom of the list we find Goodyear24V which is a nice impact wrench for general household work. If you need a cheaper but performing wrench, it’s for you. It is not as powerful as our top models but still generates a decent 200 ft.lbs of torque which can take care of all your general works. This impact wrench comes in an injection molded case along with 5″ 1/2 drive extension, 19mm, 21mm, 13/16″ & 3/4″ impact sockets.  It is powered by a 24V 1900 mAH Ni-Cd rechargeable battery.

  • It is evenly priced under $200 and is definitely better than others in the same range and even some more expensive models
  • Features a simple forward and reverse switch to control torque direction which is much easier to use than others
  • Features the biggest 24v  battery in the top ten with good runtime
  • It could have a slightly higher torque output to compete with top models
  • It is quite heavy considering the amount of torque it develops

Makita XWT04Z High Torque Impact Wrench

Going down the list, we have Makita XWT04Z which is one of the medium powered devices available in the market today. It features an 18V Li-ion battery which provides enough powers the engine to generate a high 325 ft.lbs of torque which is more than sufficient for all your day to day works. It also has a rocker switch for changing the direction of torque. This impact wrench is compact in design and features an ergonomic design which fits quite well in your hand providing firm and steady grip.

  • With of torque this is even better than the Goodyear and still in the same price range
  • The elegant pistol design is fairly compact but not as small as the other compact models
  • Features an extremely convenient Rocker Switch on the trigger so you can change direction quickly and easily
  • This thing is hefty and weighs about 7.5 lbs so no question for portability
  • It does not comes with battery and charger which will set you back an additional $60-130 on top of the tool cost
  • Also, there are no case and sockets included unlike most of the other tools

Ryobi 18-Volt Impact Wrench

We are about to end of our list and still are finding the top of line products. The Ryobi 18-Volt Impact Wrench another great tool that can generate some serious torque, 300 ft-lbs torque should be enough for you. It features a  3-speed selector switch which controls the torque requirement for a particular job.

  • Bit medium on the torque with just 200 ft.lbs but is quite fast thanks to the 3000 rpm motor and 3000 IPM
  • It is one of the Lightweights in the list weighing just 3.5 lbs making it much portable
  • Its compact in size and measure only 12” thus good for tight spots
  • Features a 3 way speed selector switch for different jobs
  • You neither get a battery nor a charger with tool meaning you need to spend some extra bucks
  • A bit expensive as it also does not have a case or sockets included

Bosch 24618-01 18-Volt Lithium-Ion

Look what we have in store for the number 10 on the list, Bosch 24618-01 which is one of the most recognized brands around. It features an 18v 4000 mAH Li-ion battery which powers the engine to generate a decent 135 ft.lbs of torque which is sufficient for all your day to day works.  It features one of the most compact designs and ideal for work in tight spaces.

  • It lacks in torque but make with some of extras like two batteries, a charger, belt clip, carrying case, and the ability to swap batteries with other Bosch line tools
  • It is one of the most compact cordless impact wrenches around and measures on 12” on longest side
  • The wrench is lightweight still gives out massive 3200 IPM making is fast
  • It’s quite low on the torque and generates a mere 130 ft.lbs
  • As compared to most of the 3000 rpm motors it has a slightly weak motor with 2800 rpm
  • Bit expensive as it lacks a variable trigger switch to control torque


You just had a look on the some of the best cordless impact wrenches available in the market today.

Ultimate cordless impact wrench Buying Guide

To make sure that you end up with one of the best cordless impact wrench in hand you need to understand various facts about impact wrenches such as what is an impact wrench? How do they work? Why to use them? These entire questions will be thoroughly answered in our guide. By the time you finish reading the guide you would be an expert on impact wrenches.

What is an Impact Wrench?

An impact wrench consists of a motor which is driven by a power source such as compressed air, electricity or battery. It generates a greater amount of torque which in turn is used to rotates the socket and tightens the loose nut-bolt or remove bolts form a machine. The direction of rotation can be reversed just with a flip of the switch such that it can work both ways. Also, these torque wrenches can generate far more torque which the human hands can produce.

How does an Impact Wrench Work?

There are two distinct shapes of impact wrench those shaped like a pistol or those like a giant screwdriver. However, despite these completely different shapes both work exactly the same way. Inside the device, a motor causes rotation inside which exerts the force onto an anvil at the end of the tool.

These can be either air or electrically powered. This creates torque and a twisting motion that is usually applied in small bursts of force to twist whatever it’s aimed at. Inside the motor also has a small hammer that hits an anvil connected to the drive.

This force is then exerted onto the socket to break the bolt loose. By pushing onto the wrench you’re also applying pressure which helps create friction so that the wrench can better grip or contact the bolt. The most powerful wrenches are air driven and much lighter but these are not cordless and can only be used with a compressor.

What Features Should it Have?

The physics of all impact wrenches is fairly similar, though you will see a difference in features and especially the power available. For all cordless impact wrenches, you’re going to find that they’re electrically powered. This means they are better for smaller jobs and will usually require the battery to be charged as the power produced will drop as the battery drains.

The two main differences in wrenches are the pistol and screwdriver grips though this is a matter of preference rather than something that affects performance. Wrenches usually come with 5 different socket sizes based on the grip shape. A 1/4” socket can be found on either grip, 3/8”-1/2”-3/4” sockets are usually only found on pistol grips, and 1” sockets are usually only found on pistols and t shaped inline grips. If you’re working with a bolt that is larger than an inch you’re going to need a more powerful heavy duty wrench that will not be cordless.

The key feature of any wrench is the amount of torque it produces, most will tell you their maximum torque while others will have variable torque settings depending on the function. Torque is what you need to pay attention to as it can cause bolts to be over-tightened or too lose.

Why use a cordless impact wrench?

Well, there are a large number of reasons to use impact wrench I am going to mention a few of them which you cannot deny at all.

  • They remove the bolt or fasteners very quickly that too without using lot of muscle power or causing fatigue
  • They are more friendly and easy to use in tight working space and prevents you from risk of busted knuckles
  • They provide you with a leverage multiple time which can be generated by manual wrench, thus efficiently removing a stuck bolt or fastener

These impact wrenches can be used to install or remove bolts from a number of places such as tires, frames, engine head and much more. Practically it has unlimited application scope.

What to look while selecting a cordless impact wrench

To choose the best available impact wrench is directly dependent on the type of work which you do but there are certain features which should be considered while making the purchase. Ideally, you must have a look at the below mention features.

  1. Torque: For an impact wrench higher the torque more capable the will be the wrench. Having enough torque give you the power to remove and install fasteners very quickly. Look for a wrench with a minimum of 150 ft-lbs or 1800 in-lbs. There are impact wrenches which generate torque in excess of 700 ft-lbs, making them much suitable for professional use.
  2. Weight: An impact wrench with lower weight must be given priority as for small jobs it doesn’t matter. But when you are working for longer hours a lighter machine is easier to control and handle.
  3. Price: According to me it’s the most important aspect for purchasing anything, first identify how much you want to spend and then accordingly select the reasonable features which you can get in your budget.
  4. Size: The general consideration for size is the smaller, the better as a smaller device would enable you to work in tight spaces. But smaller size will lead to a loss in torque, so I advise you to get a medium sized device.
  5. Portability: If your work demands you to carry your tool at various sites then selecting a model which is light and moderate in size will suite you the best. As they are easy to move around while working and can easily fit in tight spaces.
  6. Drive size: The most famous drive among users is the 1/2″ size which is capable for most of the application, besides 1/3” is also popular but it has lesser torque and comes in a small package when compared to 1/2″.
  7. Torque adjustment: This is the feature which I love the most because it enables me to control the torque and thus reduces the chance of over torquing or snapping the bolt head.
  8. IPM: IPM stands for impact per minute and represents the number of times hammer strikes anvil whereas. Higher these number quickly and tightly the bolt will be fasten.
  9. No load speed: No load speed is the speed at which the wrench turns without load, choose a lower speed as, and torque is inversely proportional.
  10. Ergonomics: Look for a wrench that fits your hands perfectly and has a good & comfortable gripping material. As it will provide better balance and reduce strain and fatigue while working.
  11. Warranty: Perhaps the most important point when you are looking to invest your hard earned money, most manufacturers offer 1 to 2-year warranty, but occasionally some may give a lifetime The extra warranty comes at an increased price so look what you wish for. There are companies that give different warranty for tool and a separate warranty for the battery, so choose accordingly.

So now you know exactly what features you need while selecting your new cordless impact wrench.

Final Verdict

Cordless Impact wrenches are specialized pieces of equipment and large bolts may require more than a cordless wrench can handle. Although, most of these wrenches are fairly similar the Milwaukee and the Ingersoll are clear winners in power, if not for the prohibitively expensive price! If you need the power though this extra $70-100 is noticeable as you’re talking almost 3-6 times the power of some of the other drills.

For a compact wrench the Dewalt scrapes through since the Bosch just hasn’t quite got enough power despite its motor. If you’re looking for a bargain then the Goodyear is a workhorse at barely over $100 it’s well above in specifications for those under the same price. For an all round tool that has power and is cost effective the Goodyear again is on top, though if you’ve got a system from either Makita or Ryobi you might consider those too since you won’t be worrying about the battery.

None of these are as powerful as air wrenches, but you’ll still get a decent days work out of most of them. Once you get over $150 price really makes a difference in power so deciding whether you really need that extra few hundred of torque is important if that’s your selling point.

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