Best Cordless Impact Driver

Best Cordless Impact Driver 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Just a couple of years ago who would have imagined that cordless impact drivers will be so much popular among professionals as of today. After reading the above lines, some of you will ask the fundamental question “we have a drill then why the hell we need a unique tool that does the same thing”? I find the question to be quite reasonable and straightforward. Logically the best cordless impact driver will give you some more feature than a Cordless drill and let you use multiple tools Sanders, wheel brushers, and hole saws more efficiently.

With the keyless design, it behaves as a universal tool that takes all the bits irrespective of their design. These cordless impact drivers feature a slip clutch technology which helps in torque adjustments and delivers better torque as per the job requirement. Well, these are just a few features from many that draw in buyers at an ever increasing rate. So if your job requires more torque than the impact driver will make an ideal choice.

But what are the components in the best cordless impact driver 2017? Is it improved torque or just raw power?

For a better understanding of the specs and features, please read out our latest Cordless impact driver reviews & guide, it will help you for sure to make a better decision.

Best Cordless Impact Driver Reviews 2017

DEWALT DCK240C2 Drill Driver/Impact Combo Kit

When looking for the best cordless impact driver, DEWALT should be among the first on your list. This kit isn’t cheap but comes with a lot to offer. The driver can easily be loaded with one hand with bits from 1/4” to 1”. There’s a 3 LED ring so you can see what you’re doing clearly and there’s actually two units in this kit so you’re getting a drill as well.

This is the kit to pick if you just can’t choose which you need, they both operate off the standard 20v battery system so you can swap with any of your other Dewalt tools if needed.

The driver has 300Watts of power and works at speeds up to 1500RPM but it’s easy to handle and light at only 2.8lb.

Also comes with charger and contractor bag. While Dewalt has a bit of a reputation for paying for the brand this is a reasonable price for two tools.

This isn’t a brushless motor so it gets really hot quickly with prolonged use.

The 20V battery sounds more impressive than it is as it doesn’t last long (probably why you get a spare) and at only 1.3Amps you might want to go and buy a 3A instead for anything more than a quick use.

Makita DT03R1 Cordless Impact Driver Kit

A speed of up to 3,500 RPM puts the Dewalt 1500 to shame. It’s only 6” long and can deliver torque of up to, impressive for such a small tool. The 12V battery swaps easily and the kit comes with a charger, spare battery, and carry case too.

It’s ultra compact for tight spaces and weighs a tiny 2.3lb. The batteries are also designed to protect against overheating and overloading.

There’s also an LED indicator to let you see just how much charge the batteries have easily and LED lights so you can see while working. You can also add batteries with up to a 4Amp capacity for extended use time.

The battery capacity could be better, but if you opt for the 4Amp battery this is easily solved.

There’s nothing bad about this at all and it’s comparable with much more expensive tools like the Milwaukee.

Black & Decker Cordless Drill/Driver

With such a bargain price you’d probably wonder what’s the catch? The driver has an 11 position clutch for precise adjustment and speed while working and a lightweight design that isn’t particularly powerful but you get what you pay for.

Like the Dewalt, it features a 20V battery and an on-board light so you can see better. You also get a 10 piece bit set with it but no battery charger.

No carrying case is a minor complaint, but the battery takes over 3 hours to reach full charge which is very frustrating and time consuming if you need to work for any consistent time. The body is cheap plastic so it’s not very sturdy at all.

There’s also only one speed option and it’s really not up to heavy duty work. In fact, this is more of a drill than an impact and other than the keyless system it might as well be.


Like the Dewalt this is a two tool kit that comes with a driver and a drill. They both use the same 20V swappable batteries. The driver has of torque, more than the Makita, and a 2800 RPM motor. Both tools are 283Watts, which is only slightly less than the Dewalt.

Both pieces are two speed and have a dual clutch but the speed is only variable using trigger pressure rather than having an actual adjustable setting.

The driver is surprisingly heavy at over 3lb and almost 7” long which makes it one of the larger drivers here.

It’s also got the standard LED lights but also has a convenient bit storage area so you won’t have to search when changing bits during a job. It has a 24 position slip clutch, over double that of the Black & Decker.

This is a really noisy driver but the battery life is under an hour for both and charging time is close to two hours each which can be frustrating.

These are also not very long lasting and burn up within a year with regular use.

Hitachi WH18DGL Cordless Impact Driver

With 1280 of torque this isn’t quite up to the Porter-Cable but it’s still heads over the Black and Decker.

The 2400 RPM motor and Li-Ion battery provide strong power in a pistol grip device that weighs just over 3lb.

One of the most compact drivers, it’s solid and contoured to make it easy to handle. It’s not the most impressive by any means, but it has an LED light, spare battery, charger, and carry box included to make up for it.

More expensive than the Porter-Cable for less of a tool. It’s clutchless and only has a variable speed trigger so it’s not very heavy duty.

Ultimate guide for best cordless impact driver in 2017

Before you go into the market to get your hands on your new cordless impact driver, you need to understand a few basic things about them, such that you end up with one of the best product according to your needs. First of all, you need to know what an impact driver is? How are they different from impact drills? Why use them? We will answer all of such questions in our guide. And by the time you are done with the guide, you would be an expert on impact drivers.

What is an Impact driver?

An impact driver is a tool that produces an enormous amount of torque and does the work like taking a lug nut off track or deck building or screwing much easier. They are much similar to a drill but have some add on a feature like an anvil impact action and a hammer, which generates massive torque when needed to break in screws or create holes. These tools weigh much less than the similar drill and are much compact in design.

How is an Impact driver different from a drill?

It is one of the biggest confusion among people that both of the devices mentioned above are same, no they are not same. Of course, they can perform some of the simpler tasks quite efficiently. An impact driver has much higher torque combined with a paced rotational tapping; this helps in driving fasteners and screws much easily without damaging them. When a task demands a lot of brute strength drills often tend to slip, but the drivers have hex chuck bits that don’t spin and do the job perfectly.

Must have features

Well, there are a ton of features which any impact driver can brag about, but when carefully analyzed we found out that the below mention functionality must be present there in any drive that you want to choose.

  1. Right Power: You need to select your model depending on the amount of torque requirement by most of your jobs. So carefully analyze what is your power requirement, if you require to carry out demanding work quite often then go for a model which provides you with sufficient amount of torque. For regular usage, a drive with 1000 in.lbs of torque will be enough.
  2. Battery life (Runtime): As a cordless driver this becomes the most important consideration that how much runtime does the driver provide at peak load. Look for a model that offers better runtime or at least an extra set of rechargeable batteries which can help you do the job if the primary one runs out of juice.
  3. Reliability: Yes you read that correctly, none of you want that all of a sudden while carrying out a job your driver breaks down or starts giving you trouble. So look for reviews of various best models available in the market on the most trusted Obviously, a quality product will have helpful reviews and lots of satisfied customers. Another simple and easy way to follow our guide as we make sure that our reader ends up with top notch product available always.

Why use to cordless impact drivers?

Well, there are a large number of reasons to use impact drivers I am going to mention a few of them which you cannot deny at all.

  • They have high torque than the drills and thus remove the bolt or fasteners very quickly that too without using lot of muscle power or causing fatigue
  • They are more friendly and easy to use in tight working space as they are very much compact in size
  • They are very much lightweight and are designed ergonomically to operate with a single hand only
  • They provide you with greater flexibility and can do the work of a drill and screwdrivers; also they can drill bigger bores

These impact drivers can be used to install or remove bolts from some places such as tires, frames, engine head and much more. Practically it has unlimited application scope.

What to look while selecting a cordless impact driver

The process of choosing the best possible impact driver is directly dependent on the type of work which you do. But there are certain features which should be considered while making the purchase. Ideally, you must have a look at the below mention features.

  1. Torque: Every impact driver possesses an enormous amount of torque. Having enough torque gives you the power to remove and install fasteners very quickly. You should go for a driver h with a minimum of 700 in-lbs for light use or if you go for professional stuff for automotive use choose a 1500 ft-lbs model.
  2. Speed: The speed of an impact driver is measured in RPM. If you work demands a regular repetition of driving a large number of lug nuts go for a machine with higher RPM. In most of the cases, a regular driver will do your job.
  3. Weight: An impact driver with lower weight must be given priority as for small jobs it doesn’t matter. But when you are working for longer hours a lighter machine is easier to control and handle. A driver between 2.7 – 3.7 lbs would make a better
  4. Price: According to me it’s the most important aspect of purchasing anything, first identify how much you want to spend and then accordingly select the reasonable features which you can get in your budget.
  5. Size: The general consideration for size is the smaller, the better as a smaller device would enable you to work in tight spaces. There are a lot of choices between 5.6 inches to 7 inches choose accordingly.
  6. Torque adjustment: This is the feature which I love the most because it enables me to control the torque and thus reduces the chance of over torquing or snapping the bolt head.
  7. Light: Most of the impact drivers have built in LED lighting features, which illuminate the working area in dark places they are an asset. Choose a model with LED lighting.
  8. Ergonomics: Look for a wrench that fits your hands perfectly and has a good & comfortable gripping material. As it will provide better balance and reduce strain and fatigue while working.
  9. Warranty: Perhaps the most important point when you are looking to invest your hard earned money, most manufacturers offer 1 to 2-year warranty, but occasionally some may give a lifetime The extra warranty comes at an increased price so look what you wish for. Some companies provide different warranty for tool and a separate warranty for the battery, so choose accordingly.

These are some of the few must-have features for your new cordless impact driver. So now you know exactly what features you need while selecting your new cordless impact driver.

FAQ regarding best compact cordless impact driver

Q. What kind of bit an impact driver uses?

Ans. Most of the impact drives take hexagonal bits as they are standard for nearly all the screwdrivers across the world. The reason for hexagonal bits is that when a job demands high torque and you use a regular bit chances are that it will spin and your job cannot be completed. All of this is avoided by using high-quality hexagonal bits that tend to lock with the socket and do not turn even when working under severe stress.

Q. Can I use it for drilling purposes?

Ans. Yes, you can use it for drilling bores into different surfaces. It will give out similar results to as that of an equivalent drill. But to use the regular drill bits you need to use the special adaptor in some of the models. Depending on the surface where you try to bore holes in the speed varies from surface to surface. For everyday use, it can be employed as a drill.

Q. When should I use an impact driver?

Ans. The answer is straightforward, whenever you need to fasten a fastener, drive in screws or lag bolts of any size, nuts or anything that needs to be driven and requires turning. As these drives provide an enormous amount of brute strength, they reduced the forces exerted on your arm and reduces the hard work manifold.

Q. What should be ideal battery size?

Ans. As there are a large number of models available in the market and every one of them features some battery improvement functionalities, some of them charge quickly; some have circuits to prevent overcharging and overheating. Also, there are cells of size up to 4000 mAh. So it totally depends on how much you are willing to invest. For general consideration, a battery worth 2500 mAh should be enough to provide you decent runtime for your jobs.


Although most of these drives are relatively similar in performance. But, if you require something powerful then PORTER-CABLE PCCK604L2 is clearly are no match for others, if not for the high price! It is near twice the powerful than some of the models, and also you get a drill with it, so the price is compensated.

The Makita is by far the best cordless impact driver, as long as you opt for the large 4 amp batteries it clearly outdoes its competitors. The Black and Decker is a budget option, but you might as well buy another drill as its performance is comparable.

So if you are looking forward to getting a cordless impact driver, then any of them from our list serve all your demands, as all the products mentioned in our list is cent percent original and authentic. Personally, I prefer PORTER-CABLE PCCK604L2 as it fulfills all my working professional needs and has a longer warranty. Do not hesitate to spend some extra to get high-quality products as it will serve you better and longer.

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