Best Battery Powered Impact Wrench 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to buying a cordless impact wrench the battery life is what really sets the best battery powered impact wrench apart. For most devices you’ll need a fully charged battery to get the most power, but if your battery isn’t powerful to start with you can’t possibly get the best performance. Impact wrenches use both force and torque to loosen stubborn or rusted nuts and the more stubborn the more power is needed. But not all battery tools are created equal. These are the best battery powered impact wrenches, and though they might not live up to pneumatic ones they’re often still outperforming the corded versions and far lighter.

Top 5 Battery Powered Impact Wrench

Ingersoll Rand W7150-K2 1/2-Inch High-Torque Impactool, Charger, 2 Li-ion Batteries and Case Kit

While this is one of the most expensive you can find it’s also one of the best battery powered impact wrench around, and you can buy it in pieces if it hurts your wallet too much in one go. If you do choose to buy it all there’s two batteries, a case, charger, and the wrench itself.

The case is even steel lined so it’s particularly durable. Even compared to the closest wrench (the Milwaukee) it still comes out top with a specially designed grip to make holding this beast easier. It weighs a hefty 6.8lb and has two settings for between 780 -1, of torque.

It is the most expensive, but with only a scant $20 separating it from the next that’s not huge. It’s still comparable to the Milwaukee but compared to all the other battery powered wrenches it’s incredibly heavy.

You won’t be able to work with it for long despite the better designed grip. The biggest problem is the fact that the quality can be hit or miss.

Poor customer service and poor quality control means devices often have bad triggers and faulty batteries so if you get a bad one you might be throwing your money away.

Milwaukee 2763-22 M18 1/2″ Inch Impact Wrench

The second most expensive but it’s also comparable in power to more commercial tools while still being battery operated. This has a torque of between 700-1, so it’s quite similar to the Ingersoll and it has a good running time.

The standard 1/2” anvil and hog friction ring is similar in design to the cheaper Dewalt but it’s actually been shown to be more powerful than the Snapon 6850, a professional model. There’s also two modes as well as the ability to control the speed with the trigger. It’s got a good run time and a decent battery life.

This heavy beast is similar to the 7lb Ingersoll and is just as large. It’s truly a heavy tool which makes it difficult for some users to use for any length of time.

The battery is a little poor with only 18V, especially compared to Dewalt’s 20 but it’s still delivering more torque and power than most other battery operated drills.

DEWALT DCF880HM2 20-volt MAX Lithium Ion 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench Kit with Hog Ring

While not as expensive as the more powerful Ingersoll or Milwaukee the Dewalt is a name that is as recognizable as the yellow and black colors. The pistol grip tool has a lot of extras to make up for its shortcomings.

With powerful batteries at 20V they’re also part of a swappable system even though it comes with 2 batteries of its own. These are made of XR Li-Ion materials patented by Dewalt to be 33% more powerful for longer life.

There’s also a convenient light so you can see what you’re doing, something the more powerful wrenches lack.

Probably the most notable feature however is the sheer size, at only 3.4lb it’s tiny and can easily fit into tight spaces like auto work. The hog ring anvil is good for changing sockets and keeping them on.

At only capacity it’s not very powerful, and while it has a stronger battery the question is whether it’s really doing anything other than giving you an extended operating time. The power is a problem and you’ll struggle even with lug nuts on some cars which means the capacity is accurate.

There are adapters for changing the 1/2” drive but these can cause over-tightening since they’re not torqued down. It really struggles over and other than being compact and Dewalt brand it really doesn’t warrant the huge price increase.

Goodyear 24V Cordless Impact Wrench (33609PB)

The most powerful Battery Powered Impact Wrench on the list comes on a well rounded device that can really stand up with much more expensive wrenches. With 24v of power it also has a variable speed that offers up to of torque (which seems true, and even perhaps understated since it’s stood up to some pretty tough tests).

The 1/2” drive is pretty standard but it also comes with 4 sockets included. It’s better in power than the Dewalt and it costs over a hundred dollars less!

This is a solid tool, and while you might want a second battery for extended work there’s really nothing bad to say about it if you’re not looking for an impressive amount of torque.

Bosch 24618-01 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 1/2-Inch Square Drive Impact Wrench Kit with 2 Batteries, Charger and Case

Like the Dewalt this is a compact wrench, but it’s actually smaller at only 6” long. It’s a third lighter than the Ingersoll or Milwaukee which makes it much easier to move and use for extended periods.

It doesn’t have a light like the Dewalt but do you really need it? The ability to swap batteries with other Bosch tools is useful and the 18V system is similar in power to the others here.

The force is a little poor in comparison, especially to the compact Dewalt that isn’t much more expensive. There’s not a whole lot of power here despite having a massive 3200 BMP motor, in fact you might wonder where that power is going with only to offer.

The trigger is a little touchy so since you’re using it to control the speed it can be very easy to over-tighten if you’re even a second too long. There’s a separate high-torque version which is a better choice if you want something with more power but it’s not battery operated.


The power of the Ingersoll and the Milwaukee can’t be beaten but they’re also the most expensive. If you’re not looking to spend a mountain of money the Goodyear is an all-round tool that has a much better price tag and still has a reasonable amount of power to it. For a compact tool the Dewalt and the Bosch are both very similar, they both have downfalls but the Dewalt pushes out a little more power.

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